I Could Be Moving…..

I have a routine that I follow regarding sifting through my piles of e-mails on my I-Pad.  Before reading anything, I touch the box at the very top of the page which puts a check next to each e-mail on the page.  I then scan down and un-check anything I might be interested in reading.  If I swipe down the page , I can touch the box and repeat the process.  After having done this a few times, I came across a site called Roadtrippers.   This immediately intrigued me as I love to take road trips and explore the back roads of New England whenever I get the chance.  I felt that it was fate that brought me there.  One of the articles was an offer to write a 250 word essay and pay a $150.00 fee to be entered in a contest to win an established and working 9 room bed and breakfast inn in Vermont!  After reading through the finer details I went to the application and fine print section of this life-changing offer.  There were more details and legalese that needs to be carefully sifted through.   Let me back track  and say that most of my adult life I have wanted to own a moderate sized bed and breakfast inn.  I have had the pleasure to stay at a variety of these type of intimate establishments.  I would take mental notes of certain ideas and breakfast entrée that particularly caught my eye.  I love the cozy vibe that exists and dreamed of creating a haven away from home for other people to enjoy.  So here is this opportunity dropped into my lap.  Do I take a chance, invest the $150.00 and write a 250 word essay on how it has been my life long dream to own a bed and breakfast inn?  The deadline is the 1st of November and within a couple of weeks of the decision the winner has to accept full ownership and all the legal stuff that goes along with it.  Question- do I tell my husband or surprise him?  Do I have a chance? Is this ridiculous and up there with all the other dreams I have ? Wait.  I think I will write my essay first than take a deep breath and submit it!  What are the chances? I like to think my chances are as good as anyone’s.  What’s that saying, “..nothing ventured nothing gained..”?    Who knows.  I will keep you posted.   I could be moving.